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Product benefits.


Microwave Safe
All plain white MR WHITEWARE products are completely safe in any microwave oven. Products with metallic decoration however should not be used in microwaves.
Dishwasher Safe
All MR WHITEWARE products are resistant to attack by dishwasher detergents and have been tested to many thousands of cycles.
Freezer Safe
All MR WHITEWARE products can be used in any freezer.

Oven Proof
The Porcelite and Australian Fine China bodies are both fired at very high temperatures. This makes them oven proof, exceeding the 180 degrees Celsius temperature difference laid down as the European standard.

Craze Proof
The body recipes and manufacturing processes utilised in the production of MR WHITEWARE products have created products, which are completely vitrified and therefore completely impervious to water making the product craze proof and very hygienic to use.
Both Porcelite and Australian Fine China products are extremely strong, far exceeding European guidelines for catering ceramics (BS 4034). Australian Fine China carries a three-year guarantee against edge chipping.

Glaze Durability
MR WHITEWARE products have glazes that have been formulated to withstand the rigours of the catering environment. They will not stain and are resistant to metal marking and abrasion in normal usage.


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Tel 0161 456 1828 - Email
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